Ceramic Wall Tiles – A Guide to Choose Tiles

Is decorating spaces on your mind? Decorative ceramic wall tiles are the answer. The tiles are available in pleasing and beautiful designs to suit individual choices. They are suited for decoration of all spaces; be it residential or commercial. Different companies have introduced decorative ceramic wall tiles, which beautify your spaces and present an elegant and gorgeous look to them.

However, ceramic wall tiles are chosen by many due to various benefits they offer. Tiles for floors and walls are available in various designs, shapes, styles, colors, textures and patterns. Though, choosing the right kind of tile should be your primary responsibility.

Let us help you! Timex Ceramic, the leading ceramic tiles company in Mumbai, has put together this easy-to-follow tile selection guide to help you find the perfect wall tile for your home.

  • Consider purchasing tiles of good brands

Durability and longevity of tiles have to be given importance. Local manufacturers can provide you with cheap tiles which may develop cracks due to lack of strength. Tiles from reputed brands like Timex Ceramic on the other hand are durable and last longer. They don’t develop cracks due to being resistant and hence, are a good value for money along with providing you the expected results.

  • Deciding the size& finish

This is largely dependent on the space you intend to get the tiles for. The size of the space along with location is crucial. For example, large spaces need to have large sized tiles and smaller spaces should opt for small ones. Due to having few grout lines (distance separating tiles), large tiles present a feeling of spaciousness, thus being ideal for living rooms and commercial spaces.Matt finish ceramic tiles are the best house flooring tiles as they are less slippery, and glossy finish tiles are the best for walls.

  • Choose the right colour and pattern

The right pattern and colour of the tiles is essential for them to get along with your furniture. The chosen tile’s colour will open up your spaces and make them look elegant. If the room is small, then it is better to opt for light coloured tile than a dark shade, as it may give the feeling of a larger space.The pattern will largely depend on the look you are visualizing. Choose marble finish or plain concrete tiles if you expect a simple yet elegant look, or opt for textured or mosaic tile patterns for a modern and trendy look.

Wall Tiles for Living Room:

The first thing to look for when considering living room tiles is ease of care and cleaning, as this is usually one of the largest and most used rooms in the home.

Wall Tiles for Bathroom:

Why not transform your bathroom with modern designs and contemporary ceramic wall tile ideas? The tiles are not slipper and safe for your family, they are available in a multitude of designs, colours, and patterns.

Tiles for Kitchen:

Timex Ceramic has launched its premium range of ceramic tiles for the kitchen that would not only leave you in awe due to its aesthetics but also its ease-of-use, and ease-of-cleaning.

  • Finalizing the cost

Your architect or interior designer will help you in cost estimations. Deciding the number of tiles necessary is the first step. Remember to include tile-wastage during this exercise. So, purchasing some extra tiles is always recommended. Once the cost is known, you can alter your choice of tile accordingly. Choose a different tile if the budget goes overboard. Something similar to your first preference, yet within your decided budget is the way to go. However, don’t compromise on the brand as this may affect durability. So if you’re trying to find cost-effective tiles with long durability then ceramic wall tiles are the perfect choice. 

Economic tiles to choose from!

Remember that wall tiles are something that will enhance your interiors. This is a long term investment. Hence, choosing the right wall tiles is of utmost importance. Compromising on quality is never a choice. These wall tiles will scale up the entire look and feel of your spaces andraise the value of the property.

Don’t buy cheap tiles at the last minute; there is a high probability that it will turn into a disaster. Follow all of these guidelines to choose the best ceramic wall tiles for your home, or simply visit your nearest Timex Ceramicshowroom. Our experts will help you choose the best tiles for your home. If you would like to see the entire ceramic wall & floor tiles collection, check out the Timex Ceramic catalogue.

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