Morroccan Tiles – For a Vibrant Bold Touch to Your Place!


The alluring patterns of Morroccan Tiles can add the spice of Morroccan lifestyle to your house. Its eye-catchy geometric patterns, efflorescent motifs and mix of decorative designs on these imported floor and wall tiles can add a colorful appearance to your interiors. Its intriguing patterns can set a perfect ambience for your kitchen, balcony and other rooms providing an exquisite look! Our tiles comes with a mix of decorative patterns, geometric designs and also include efflorescent motifs that give timeless decor to your space.



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  • Bolonia Ambiance


    265mm X 510mm
  • Dalia Kale Ambiance


    250mm x 250mmBLUE, GREEN, PINK, YELLOW
  • Decor Davinci Ambiance

    Décor Davinci

    265mm X 510mm
  • Product image


    200mm x 200mmBEIGE, BLACK, BLUE, Colourful, GREEN, GREY, WHITE
  • Mandala Int Ambiance


    200mm x 200mmColourful, GREEN, WHITE
  • Error image


    600mm X 300mmWHITE