Terrazzo Tile Designs – Customisable Decor Material


Terrazzo is considered to be a composite material which is used to lend a decorative finish to the room. This imported wall and floor tiles decor gives elegance and subtlety to your living room, kitchen and bathroom. These premium wall and floor tiles are made by using materials such as granite, agate and quartz to give the room a superb quality. Once the tiles are set, it gives a uniform polished surface in the room increasing its elegance.


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  • 502 Beige Ambiance


    600mm X 300mmBEIGE, GREY, WHITE
  • Product image


    600mm X 300mmGREY, ORANGE, WHITE
  • 506 Highlighter Ambiance


    600mm X 300mmchoco, WHITE
  • Flora Ambiance


    590mm x 590mmBEIGE, GREY, WHITE
  • Padua Gris Ambiance


    590mm x 590mmBROWN, GREY, WHITE
  • Tesla Ambiance


    590mm x 590mmBLUE, GREEN, GREY, PINK, WHITE