Wooden Floor Tiles: For a Trending ‘Rustic’ Appearance!


The wooden tiles for living room are a popular choice among home owners and are often recommended by interior experts. If you are protective about the environment then these floorings can offer you the best alternative to original wood. First choice in renovation projects as the tiles come at affordable prices and provide a sustainable flooring option for your space.



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  • NewProduct image


    80mm X 330mm, 80mm X 400mmBEIGE, BROWN, GREY, WHITE
  • NewBora White Ambiance


    80mm x 442mmWHITE
  • NewIngalls Wo Arce Ambiance


    80mm X 400mmBEIGE, BROWN, GREY, WHITE
  • NewRelic Nature Ambiance


    80mm x 442mmWHITE
  • NewBlaze Natural Ambiance


    300mm X 1500mmBEIGE, BROWN
  • NewSabik Natural Ambiance


    300mm X 1500mmBEIGE, BROWN, GREY, WHITE
  • STP 23 Ambiance

    STP 36X6

    900mm X 150mmBEIGE, BROWN, Cotto, Dark Wenge, GREY
  • STP 409 Ambiance

    STP 400

    1200mm X 200mmBEIGE, Cotto, Dark Wenge
  • STP 601 Ambiance

    STP 600

    1200mm X 200mmBEIGE, BROWN, Dark Grey, GREY, WHITE
  • STP 701 Ambiance

    STP 700

    1200mm X 200mmDark Grey, GREY, WHITE
  • NewSTP 801 Ambiance

    STP 800

    250mm X 1500mmBEIGE, BROWN, GREY, WHITE
  • 8071 Ambiance


    1200mm X 600mmColourful