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Premium Ceramic Tiles are unique and different from the rest of the tiles and their collection in several ways. Just like the way you are unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd this tile range helps your spaces like a bathroom, living room, study area and other spaces to look unique and quirky. Explore our range of premium tiles and make your spaces look spacious, creative, and grand in your own way. We at Timex Ceramics believe that a home is an intimate area for any individual and it should be built with pieces that reflect them as a person.

Timex Ceramic’s collection of tiles is a reputed source for your decorative ceramic wall tiles need. The company has a varied collection of premium wall & floor tiles for your interiors as well as exterior wall & floor tiles that will make your home feel like a blissful abode.

If you are a lover of simple yet elegant living, then the Kirkwall type is best suited for you. Crafted from high-quality ceramic and finished in a beautiful unevenly textured matte stone effect, they are perfect for creating attractive splashbacks, chimney surrounds and shower enclosures in a modern or rustic design. The variation of shades and patterns between the tiles is designed to reflect the true beauty of the stone, resulting in realistic stone effect tiles with no maintenance required and high price. Available in different types, you can also try combinations to get a premium look. Add some attractive pieces of art to the walls and get that perfect gorgeous look.

Material: Ceramic
Finish: Matt
Recommended Installations: Best for Commercial wall tiles, Bathroom wall tiles, Kitchen wall tiles

Kirkwall Mud Ambiance

Color psychology studies how human behaviour is affected depending on colors, therefore, the color in your interior is a key aspect. The range of colors influence your emotions, sensations and mood. Our Nara Series each colour has an impact, but depending on the culture there is a variation in its meaning. These tiles have an exciting and versatile range of colours and shapes that give you a wide scope of choices. Available in eight colors, the Nara collection features a mix of muted, soft hues and vibrant shades for a premium look.

Material: Ceramic & Porcelain
Two sizes are available in this series:

Recommended Installations: Best for Kitchen Wall, Backsplash, Bathroom Wall and Wash Basin Wall Area

Nara Negro Ambaince
Nara Burdeos Ambiance

Born of a desire to recapture the purest lines of wood, ‘Elegance’ Series replicates the natural grains, transferring its aesthetic strength to Porcelain with excellent results. This collection is based on warm and cold tones designed to bring functionality and beauty to every setting through a diverse range of colour combinations, and at the same time it blends beautifully with products that evoke other natural materials. The warmth of wood with all the features of porcelain stoneware for spaces demanding the highest standards. Using these tiles will leave your visitor awestruck with their elegant feel. So Elegance is one of the best premium range tiles for any rooms and spaces.

Material: Porcelain
Finish: Matt
Type: Wooden Floor Effect
Recommended Installations: Best for Floors,Wall, Indoors, Outdoor Exterior, Hallways, Porch

Crafted with premium materials, these imported ceramic tiles can easily be used in busy households without a second thought. The Moroccan lifestyle will flow through your spaces with the appealing patterns available in the Timex Ceramic ‘DR Series from Moroccan tiles collection. The efflorescent motifs, geometric patterns, and decorative designs add a touch of luxury and style to your home. This collection is also available in the exterior ceramic floor tiles category. Get an attractive look for all your home spaces along with exteriors with this amazing collection. Moroccan tiles aren’t very hard to maintain as long as you follow some basic cleaning tips.

Material: Porcelain
Size: 200mm X 200mm
Finish: Matt
Recommended Installations: Best for Kitchen Backsplash, Kitchen Floor, Living Room, Bathroom Wall, Balcony Floor

If you wish to artistically decorate your home walls, then the 222 concept from Timex Ceramic is the way to go. This collection is best suited for your bathrooms. Acid Resistant, Firebrick, Heat Insulated, Non-Slip, Wear-Resistant, and Rustic Tile are some qualities that make them the perfect choice for your bathroom wall and floor.

Material: Ceramic
Finish: Shiny
Recommended Installations: Best for Bathroom Wall, Indoors Living room.

222 Light & Dark Ambiance

If you expect a subtle yet stylish look for your spaces, then you have to choose the 226 tiles collection from Timex Ceramic. This ceramic wall tile is embellished with multiple elongated rectangular shapes with curved edges. Interlocked with a metallic finish for an added dose of glamour, this designer tile lends a shiny, sophisticated touch to your interiors. Complete with a feel of simplistic depth, this 3D tile is multi-faceted and flexible with a penchant to make large surfaces look inviting. Geometric patterns and contemporary style are the standout points for this collection.

Material: Ceramic
Finish: Shiny
Recommended Installations: Best for bathroom, kitchen backsplash and other highlighting wall

226 Light Ambiance

Lifestyle Solutions Covering Wall and Floor Tiles

This amazing collection of tiles is chosen by many and is recommended if you want to get your dream home designed with panache. Your spaces reflect your taste, sofind your design inspirations right here! Whether you are looking for kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles or tiles to decorate your living room, your search ends here. Discover a variety of tile designs to suit your needs. Get in touch with Timex Ceramic and choose the tiles you like. For Project Enquiries, you can connect with us on our Email ID: or  Call/WhatsApp us on +919323777787 or Visit us at

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