Elevation Tiles - Buyer's Choice For Premium Homes

Elevation Tiles – Buyer’s Choice for Premium Homes

The appearance of the exterior of your house should be aesthetically pleasing as well as durable in any weather conditions. This is because the exterior of your house creates the first impression in a viewer’s mind. Tiles are the best option to choose for premium homes. Nowadays we can see a wide variety of elevation tiles in terms of design, color, and patterns available in the market by brands like Timex Ceramic to portray an eye-grabbing view of your house with matt finishes.

Types of Elevation Tiles

Modern-day architects use elevation tiles to have a stunning view of your exterior architecture. Most importantly, these tiles bring a sense of calmness to your house. Various types of beautiful tiles for the exterior elevation design are listed below:


Synonym to noble opulence, the Irazu tiles collection is an elegant choice to elevate the home design. It offers the surrounding/living space a rich appearance, and the royal touch to the walls that brings out the bright aura to mesmerize the eyes. With the exquisitely designed, vividly colored, wide range of wall tiles availability at Timex Ceramic, you get to create the timeless artwork giving a mark of an impression on to the guests.


Complimenting the décor’s excellent choice, the magnificent collection of the Iguazu tiles, they are perfect for your home. It infuses the tranquil atmosphere for the remodelling projects continuing indoor and outdoor. The best is the availability of choices to make a pick from.

The nature-inspired patterns of these tiles come in a variety of color options. It, along with its lofty appearance, makes Iguazu one of the popular choices for décor.

Iguazu Series Ambiance


The Muralla tiles, they are the stone of hope with designs that are rugged and rustic. Their focus and characterful appearance on the raw beauty of natural stone walls will make one definitely catch their breath. These tiles get reproduced in porcelain using organic lines of varied-sized stones that are set at the irregular courses. Muralla tiles are available in 4 colors-  Bianco, ocre, gris, and arena. The Spanish-made series of these stones are suitable for both inside and out creating spaces that recall the stone cottages and fieldstone walls from the past.

Muralla Series Ambiance


Centenar tiles, they are an ideal choice for every homeowner to use it in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and even kitchen. The infused beauty and practicality of these stones provide a graceful texture and an open slate of the imagination to the homeowners. So, selecting some random pattern-tiles for the accent wall with the elevation design, it wouldn’t just make your wall look creative but quite interesting too. So, go ahead and check out the wide range of the Ceramic today to bring in grace.

Centenar Grey Ambiance


Ascot series of elevation tiles are the stone-inspired marvel designs that have a majestic appearance, making it one of the very popular choices. Used as the exterior tiles help to amplify the style ranges of your home, and the brick-like pattern will make any dull space look lustrous, warm, and a haven of tranquility. 

Ascot Blanco Amazonia Gris Ambiance


Montblanc series is an exquisite collection of elevation tiles used for the exterior part of your house. These tiles are a bold choice for a guaranteed wow factor. The deep glossy finish, bold colors, and variegated details will draw all eyes to your walls.

Montblanc Series Ambiance


Flagstone collection is an outstanding choice that is nature-inspired. Its minimalist design lends the place a vintage look. You can easily convert your home with the wild mix and match of the artistic intrigue that runs wild to boost the exterior settings panache.


A perfect combination to bring out the practicality and beauty, Cobblestone is an essential for homes in the modern era. To ensure its graceful texture, the surface of it is best exposed to the intense heat to provide it with the perfection.

How to choose the right ceramic tiles?

Choosing tiles for your home can be a difficult choice. It can become hard to know where to start, after all, every room within your house does reflect upon your personality and taste. It offers the intended feeling to the guests. So, choosing the right tiles after giving due consideration becomes important.

When choosing the tiles for home, keep in mind the following:
  • Size of the tiles: Small tiles are suited for smaller areas like toilets, bathrooms, and even the kitchen.
  • Style of the home.
  • Size of the room: Large tiles will make your room feel airier and larger. For larger rooms, from dark to light, different tiles are available.
  • Color of the tiles: It is helpful in achieving the general feel (serene, relaxing, moody, atmospheric, etc.) that is expected within the room.
  • Pattern and Texture: Polished or Matt finished, the choice is yours.

Why Timex Ceramic?

Covering the above information, we have ensured to highlight the most popular exterior elevation tiles. Note that tiles can save your house from severe weather conditions. Along with the advancement in technology, brands like Timex Ceramic are presenting tiles of a great range of textures and patterns with more durability to elevate the exteriors of modern homes. So, why not give your place a totally new look? Contact us to get the latest designs of Elevation Tiles at very budget-friendly rates!

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