Glossy Tiles Vs Matte Tiles - Which One Is Better?

Glossy Tiles Vs Matte Tiles – Which One Is Better?

Happiness is found in the smallest things. With a new found value in interior design, small-format tiles are back in new shape, size & patterns and they’re here to stay. Timex Ceramic, ceramic tiles company in Mumbai becomes the meeting point for the smaller format tiles collection of Glossy & Matte. This concept is inspired by tradition, where it all began. The small tiles made by hand by artisans that now, thanks to technological advances, inspire us with their modern-ness. A world of sensations where diversity shines thanks to its different colours, shapes, sizes and prints. We Timex Ceramic specializes…

Ceramic Tiles Trends and Design in Industry

Ceramic Tiles – Trends and Design in Industry 

Regardless of how large or small your house is, the living room is always the center of attraction. It’s the place where you entertain yourself, spend time with important people, greet family and Ceramic tiles are considered to be the most favoured flooring options for both, house and office space. Whether you are thinking of redesigning your bedroom or any other room in your space, it is always a good idea to spend a little extra on designer floor tiles that are imported. Planning for premium wall tiles is considered to be a modern approach and the most effective way…

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