Metro Tiles - A Guide to Incorporating the Latest Trend in Your Home Decor

Metro Tiles: A Guide to Incorporating the Latest Trend in Your Home Decor

Say goodbye to boring walls and hello to stunning style! Metro tiles are the ultimate solution for anyone looking to add a touch of timeless beauty to their home decor. With a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to choose from, these trendy tiles are the perfect way to add a pop of personality to any room in your home. If you are tired of square walls and bland designs, this is the place for you! Add some spice to your space and see how it transforms into one that makes a statement. Metro tiles have been a staple in...

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Glossy Tiles Vs Matte Tiles - Which One Is Better?

Glossy Tiles Vs Matte Tiles – Which One Is Better?

Happiness is found in the smallest things. With a new found value in interior design, small-format tiles are back in new shape, size & patterns and they’re here to stay. Timex Ceramic, ceramic tiles company in Mumbai becomes the meeting point for the smaller format tiles collection of Glossy & Matte. This concept is inspired by tradition, where it all began. The small tiles made by hand by artisans that now, thanks to technological advances, inspire us with their modern-ness. A world of sensations where diversity shines thanks to its different colours, shapes, sizes and prints. We Timex Ceramic specializes...

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Ceramic Wall Tiles – A Guide to Choose Tiles

Is decorating spaces on your mind? Decorative ceramic wall tiles are the answer. The tiles are available in pleasing and beautiful designs to suit individual choices. They are suited for decoration of all spaces; be it residential or commercial. Different companies have introduced decorative ceramic wall tiles, which beautify your spaces and present an elegant and gorgeous look to them. However, ceramic wall tiles are chosen by many due to various benefits they offer. Tiles for floors and walls are available in various designs, shapes, styles, colors, textures and patterns. Though, choosing the right kind of tile should be your...

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Premium Decorative Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles – Creating a Mindful Home

Premium Ceramic Tiles are unique and different from the rest of the tiles and their collection in several ways. Just like the way you are unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd this tile range helps your spaces like a bathroom, living room, study area and other spaces to look unique and quirky. Explore our range of premium tiles and make your spaces look spacious, creative, and grand in your own way. We at Timex Ceramics believe that a home is an intimate area for any individual and it should be built with pieces that reflect them...

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Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom – Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

We live in a world of social media where every day has an #OOTD (outfit Of the Day). As days change, so do our dresses, our appearances, our accessories and more. Then why not your Bathroom? Bathroom is a space that is very personal to us. Some get the best ideas sitting in the loo, and others implement the best ideas on it! We prefer the latter! Yes, you heard it right! Gone are the days where you have to adhere to the traditional and retro designs for your bathroom. Why not change the changing your bathroom with modern designs,...

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Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen – Make Your Kitchen, Your Favourite Staycation

Since childhood we have always seen our mothers taking care of the household. No matter if she’s working full time or not, mothers tend to be more responsible towards making the house – a Home! That is how we as kids begin to learn responsibility. Whether it be filling the bottles of water in summers and keeping them in the fridge or cleaning home during the Diwali season, kids become the perfect partners in taking care of domestic chores. But there’s an internal fear of always making things more dirty or spilling things by mistake. What if we tell you...

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Wooden Floor Tiles – Experience the Beauty of Nature

Natural wooden flooring is still considered a popular choice among homeowners due to its rustic look. According to interior experts, these wooden floor tiles are something that has never been out of trend because of the elegance they provide to the space. Their easy maintenance makes them a staple favorite among customers apart from imparting a natural look to the surrounding. These tiles have essential characteristics like durability and sturdiness which are usually considered as vital factors. They assists in giving a natural feel to the accommodation among customers. Decorate your space with nature’s impressions! The wooden floor tile designs are seen as an affordable...

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