Timex Ceramics: Ideal Option for Quality Premium Wall and Floor Tiles

A Luxury Element of Decor

We are one of the best ceramic tile company in Mumbai that provide premium wall and floor tiles. The tiles are detailed to perfection to suit commercial and residential spaces. We use high quality material that offers a complete solution in terms of decor and gives an exuberant look to your space. 

Add life to your space!

At Timex Ceramic, we help to create icons and marvels that people love talking about. Presenting an incredible array of vibrant wall and floor European tile options that bring diverse imaginations to life.

We provide imported tiles in Mumbai that exceed international standards. It can give a delightful look to your space. Feel close to nature with our nature-inspired tiles that are also durable and long-lasting. These unique tiles stand out and are bound to dazzle your mind with their intricate interior designs to uplift the overall ambience. 

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Our infinite collections complement the revolutionary range of inspiring designer tile concepts trending the world over.

Featured Collection


Size : 600mm X 300mm 
Kg. per box : 34.5 
Pcs per box : 8


Size : 60mm X 120mm 
Kg. per box : 29
Pcs per box : 2


Size : 15mm X 30mm 
Kg. per box : 13
Pcs per box : 20

New Collection


Size : 60mm X 120mm 
Kg. per box : 29 
Pcs per box : 2


Size : 40mm X 120mm 
Kg. per box : 31
Pcs per box : 5


Size : 60mm X 246mm 
Kg. per box : 7
Pcs per box : 34


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